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Our Visit to Mother Emanuel AME Church

Our abiding gratitude goes to Gordon20024 for underwriting our trip to Charleston this past weekend — thank you, Archie!

Mother Emanuel display at Charleston, SC airport
From a display at the Charleston Airport, in honor of Mother Emanuel Church and the Emanuel 9

Ann and I made a flying visit to Charleston, SC this past week.  A lot of things did not go to plan — but we did get to see Gordon20024 (Archie) and The Marti for a little while on Friday.  Archie picked us up at the airport and took us to see Marti at her home (where we also met the kitties).   Unfortunately, an urgent phone call meant that he needed to turn around and go home right away.  He got us checked into a hotel before he had to go.

On Saturday, we met with the Emanuel Church’s historian, Liz Alston.  We had mailed the star quilt to her some weeks before and she asked us to present it to the minister at Sunday services.  But Saturday, she kindly offered to give us a tour of the church.  It happened to be open that morning as the sanctuary was being decorated for a wedding that would take place later that day.

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Bill in Portland Maine

Bill in Portland Maine (colon cancer)

I know I am not alone in my shock.  I just learned Bill in Portland Maine has been in the hospital for several days.  He had an exploratory surgery last week because of persistent abdominal pain that he has been suffering for a long time now.

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We Have Something to Say to YOU, Sara R and winglion!

Meditation ChairBy smileycreek

A scary diagnosis, a serious injury, a death in the family, caretaking a parent with Alzheimer's, living with cancer....all of it can feel lonely and isolating. In this online world of Daily Kos, though, we have genuine Healers named Sara R and winglion who fill that breach with something extraordinary:  A Community Quilt.

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Community Quilt for The Marti

By Sara R
Monday Feb 27, 2017

Our Marti is an uplifting presence at the heart of the Daily Kos community.  You will see her cheerful self in any of the social diaries throughout the day but most especially in the Pootie diaries. 

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